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Team Coaching

Strong team dynamics are at the core of organizational success

Technological developments and dispersed leadership have made effective teamwork essential. Many teams are located across geographies, working virtually and often with unclear boundaries. This has increased the need to re-connect teams to agree effective ways of working with a shared purpose and clear objectives.

How does team coaching work?

We have a tried and tested approach to team coaching which creates an open dialogue within the team – breaking down barriers to communication, and developing new ways to challenge, communicate constructively, engage stakeholders, and to grow as a team.

This usually results in a strong sense of ‘one team’, with a clear vision and strong leadership. Team coaching can be set up initially as a 2 day session with an experienced team coach, followed by quarterly coaching sessions to facilitate continued team growth. Insights Discovery can be used to help create greater awareness of own and others’ styles on the team.

Who can benefit from team coaching?

Team coaching is often most effective in the following scenarios:

  • Formation of a new team
  • When a new team leader joins
  • Where a ‘one team’ approach is required
  • To build higher performing teams
  • As part of a strategy day to facilitate constructive challenge and powerful team collaboration.

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Team coaching for enhanced productivity

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