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People Strategy

Research shows that people who report having a positive experience at work are 8 times more likely to stay

Attracting and retaining talent has increasingly become a critical business risk, as employees look for greater job satisfaction, clear career paths, more social cohesion, and purpose in their work. A solid People Strategy can help to provide this.

What is a people strategy and how can it help?

A People Strategy outlines the business’s overall plan to attract, engage, develop, reward and retain it’s people. Our businesses are built on our people, it is imperative to have the right People Strategy for our business, with people at the centre.

How to develop a successful strategy

We have a 4-stage model that we use to map out your People Strategy:

  1. It starts with defining a clear Vision based on your Business Strategy.
  2. With that in mind, we gather data through engaging your people and assessing performance against HR levers. A key aspect of this involves exploring leadership capability and mindset and how that aligns with your vision and strategy.
  3. Next stage involves reviewing your culture and values, deciding if they are the right ones and how well embedded they are?
  4. When the data and feedback are gathered, we work with you to build your People Strategy.
People strategy flow diagram

Next steps for your business

We work in partnership with you at each step of the way and ensure your people are engaged at all levels.

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