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Leadership Coaching

Coaching is a thought provoking process that enables people to make conscious decisions to improve their life

The true measurement of leadership is how engaged, productive and satisfied your team are; openness, active listening, empathy, direction with support, all help to achieve this.

How does Leadership Coaching work?

We provide coaching programmes to suit your needs. The most requested programme consists of 6 x 90-minute coaching sessions spread over a  6-9 month period, for maximum impact.

Other options include 4 x 90 minute coaching sessions for targeted development in specific areas eg. delivering presentations & public speaking, career transition, ‘First 90-days’ coaching when moving to a new role.

The 3 key elements of our approach that has proved to work well, involves; (1) clearly defining outcomes for the coaching at the start (we view these as success outcomes), (2) then assessing where you currently are – this is excellent for increasing self awareness, and (3) targeted coaching for each of the agreed outcomes.

We can also provide a less structured, more flexible programme if preferred.

Contact us to find out how we can tailor a programme to suit you.

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Tailored Leadership Coaching

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