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Leadership Assessment

Knowing you have the right leaders in place is key to your business success

Talent mapping

Carrying out the due diligence in your talent mapping process, will ensure you make the right decisions today for the future.

How does leadership assessment work?

  1. Briefing – we meet with you to understand the role in relation to the business context and strategy
  2. Assessment – through in-depth assessments we then map the individual’s capability and potential with the requirements of the role
  3. Debrief – we share insights with you and other key stakeholders
  4. Report – we outline the strengths, potential, gaps, development recommendations and benchmark results
  5. Feedback – provide feedback and coaching to the individual assessed

When to implement leadership assessment

As roles become more complex, psychometric assessments together with in-depth interviews help to identify future potential and ensure the right leadership mindset and capabilities to lead your people and your business successfully.

Assessments we use

  • Hogan series – HPI, HDS, MVPI
  • Saville Wave personality profile
  • Swift Executive – aptitude tests
  • 16PF
  • 360 Degree Feedback

Each of these assessments are thoroughly researched and updated, with norm data provided to enable benchmarking.

Find out more about leadership assessment

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