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Selection Testing & Assessment Centres

Do you assess new recruits to ensure they truly match the role and needs of the organisation?

We are experienced in carrying out in depth assessments, using leading psychometric tools, benchmarked assessment exercises, and in-depth psychological interviews. We also work closely with you to identify the role requirements and organisational needs. Bringing both together into a detailed assessment report for each candidate. This can be used to great effect in both selection and subsequently in development.

Psychometrics and assesments:

- Ideal for Leadership development: We are licensed to use Hogan series (HPI, HDS, MVPI, LVI), LEA, Talent Q Dimensions, Multiview 360, WAVE Leadership profile

- Excellent for Team development: DiSC and the 5 Behaviours of a Cohesive team, Insights, MBTI, FIRO, Belbin team types,  Emotional Intellgence (EQi), Mental Toughness (MTQ48)

- Great for Senior Executive selection: WAVE, Hogan series, OPQ, 16PF, SHL Situational Judgements tests. 

- A&DC exercises:  inbox exercises, analysis exercises, presentations, see A&DC website for more details of what we can provide: https://www.adc.uk.com/assessment/products/ac-exs/ 

We provide Hogan Certification training, licensing you to use Hogan profiles - the Hogan Development Survey (HDS), Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) and Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI), contact us for details, this can be delivered as an open programme or delivered in-house.

The DISC profile is excellent to use with a team as part of team coaching, the Lencioni element can be used to reinforce the 5 key behaviours for a cohesive team so that these can be successfully developed.

What our clients say...

Patricia was extremely supportive during a sensitive time in my career and together we explored various next steps. All sessions were very worthwhile and I felt genuinely positive and re-vitalized after the final meeting. Her leadership coaching is second to none and an asset to any individual or company…a breath of positive realism in this current economic climate!
Director, Retail
Patricia worked with me to increase my confidence in my leadership skills and to give me the tools to use them in a complex and sensitive environment. I would highly recommend her coaching to anyone in a leadership role.
Infrastructure Manager, Global Finance
Even after just 2 coaching sessions I could really connect with Patricia and could see progress towards achieving my goals. She is very understanding which makes the coaching so effective.
Senior Executive, FMCG
Excellent training session, good balance of explanation vs practical application. Extremely good delivery, kept everyone engaged throughout.
Director, Government Dept