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Employee Engagement, Career Transition, 360 Feedback


360 degree feedback

The knowledge that Self-awareness is a critical factor for business-building success is not a new insight. The tougher code to crack is how to become more self-aware?

360 degree feedback is one of the most tangible ways to increase self insight from the people around you that count. Many of the leading businesses around the world utilise 360 degree feedback annually for the managers and leaders to keep them focused on continual growth and development, enabling them to get ‘in situ’ feedback and support in adopting the winning behaviours that will bring them and their teams and ultimately their business forward.

  • We can provide online 360 degree feedback incorporating your competency framework using well established tools

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Employee engagement 

How engaged are your employees? How do you measure this? Do you know that employee engagement directly impacts the bottom line?

At Coach & Develop Ltd we have over 15 years' experience in working with organisations, teams, departments to accurately assess engagement levels

  • We can run focus groups, online surveys to gain rich data and insight into employee engagement levels
  • We can also work with you and your staff to implement positive changes within your organisation to increase the motivation and wellbeing of your staff.

Resulting in lower levels of absenteeism, higher levels of productivity and greater levels of employee wellbeing and commitment. Our interventions can also be used where there is conflict within a team or a department, by opening up the communication channels and agreeing a new way forward.

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Outplacement /Career Transition programmes 

Often one of the outcomes of change can be restructure and downsizing or relocation of services, the result of this may be that some jobs are made redundant or early retirement may be offered. At Coach & Develop Ltd we have over 15 years experience working with a wide range of organisations in managing change and providing outplacement or career transition support for their employees. We provide a range of options: 

  • One to one career coaching
  • 1 or 2 days career transition workshops covering CV, Interview, job search techniques

All programmes are delivered by experienced and qualified coaches and facilitators with backgrounds in recruitment and HR. We can provide case studies and testimonials of our work in this area on request.


Change management 

Are you communicating the right messages in the right way through change?

A recent survey on change found that communicating the reason for change was identified as the most important message to share with employees and the second most important message for managers and executives (with the number one message being about their role and expectations). It is often the way that change is communicated that determines the success or failure of the change. 

At Coach & Develop Ltd we have worked with a wide range of organisations in implementing change and are adept at identifying the skills and support your managers, staff and Executives need to manage change successfully.

  • We offer Change management training for all managers
  • Executive coaching through change for senior executives
  • Focus groups to gain insight into staff engagement through change
  • Navigating Change programmes for all staff to enable them to be open to change and embrace it in a way that works.


What our clients say...

Patricia was extremely supportive during a sensitive time in my career and together we explored various next steps. All sessions were very worthwhile and I felt genuinely positive and re-vitalized after the final meeting. Her leadership coaching is second to none and an asset to any individual or company…a breath of positive realism in this current economic climate!
Director, Retail
Patricia worked with me to increase my confidence in my leadership skills and to give me the tools to use them in a complex and sensitive environment. I would highly recommend her coaching to anyone in a leadership role.
Infrastructure Manager, Global Finance
Even after just 2 coaching sessions I could really connect with Patricia and could see progress towards achieving my goals. She is very understanding which makes the coaching so effective.
Senior Executive, FMCG
Excellent training session, good balance of explanation vs practical application. Extremely good delivery, kept everyone engaged throughout.
Director, Government Dept