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You are not alone! In this information-age that we live in, we are constantly bombarded with emails, messages, marketing and the need to keep abreast of latest trends and technologies, and then add that on top of family life and the day job! So what can we do to resolve this? This is a question I've been mulling over, as I work through my tasks for today with a stack of business and coaching books sitting at my side waiting to be read. It seems that the 'to-do-list' is never ending. I've been researching developments in neuroscience and picking out the latest knowledge to help us tackle this key issue that we face, and for which clients tend to come to me for coaching.

What I have discovered in a nut shell; is that our brains haven't quite evolved to the level required to handle the quantity of information coming at us on a daily basis. The Prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain that enables us to problem solve, make decisions, prepare, plan and be creative. Whereas, the Cerebrum takes care of tasks that we carry out without paying much conscious attention such as driving to work and carrying out routine tasks. However, using both parts of the brain at once requires a huge amount of energy. Eg driving to work and trying to come up with the detailed content of a speech is a challenge. Carrying out routine tasks is easier which is why when faced with a complex problem or planning task, we tend to find a plethora of other routine tasks to do first (eg make a coffee, check emails, browse the web).

Focusing the prefrontal cortex to carry out the more complex brain tasks is a challenge. However, it is also the path to success. The key is to prioritise! This might sound obvious, but what's new is the science behind why we need to conciously manage our brain, which helps put us in charge of where we focus our time.

To do this: Decide each day which tasks will reap the greatest rewards, set goals and prioritise your day accordingly. This requires us to force our prefrontal cortex to work harder - this part of the brain brings about longer term success.

For example, pick 1 or 2 tasks for the day that will help you move closer to your longer term goals and get started. Set aside time for the more 'tempting' routine tasks but do these later unless urgent (eg emails). That way your 'automatic' brain can't hijack your day and you can make progress with the goals and tasks that you know are important. So in summary PRIORITISE - this is the most important brain-hack for changing our behaviour and results. If this is a challenge, hiring a coach to provide momentum to achieving your goals is also highly effective. Contact us if you would like to find out more. ....Here's to a very productive day!



Coaching is significantly on the increase - most Executives these days have experienced coaching and a recent CIPD study reported that 80% of companies surveyed had implemented coaching as an effective way to develop their leaders. A growing number of companies have brought this coaching in house, training internal coaches to provide coaching support to staff. This has led to the need for coach supervision, as a means to quality assure coaches and to develop their coaching skills further. At Coach & Develop we have been approached by several clients to provide coach supervision.

Patricia Abbott has is an experienced Accredited Coach Supervisor. For more details on the supervision we offer (by skype or in person) please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



At Coach & Develop Ltd have been running a series of bitesize ‘Resilience’ and ‘Wellbeing’ workshops for groups of staff in a number of our client organisations. We have been incorporating elements from Positive Psychology and Mindfulness into these sessions which have been very well received, there certainly seems to be a growing appetite for this kind of development as we pay more attention to the wellbeing of staff and how it positively impacts on employee engagement. The Insights Discovery profile or DISC can also be used to create greater team insight and Lencioni's 5 Behaviours of a Cohesive Team, to build more successful teams.



A recurring theme for many of our clients is how to get everything we need to get done within the working hours available? With so many competing demands, we could all benefit from finding out how to ramp up our personal productivity to achieve what we need to achieve to ensure success without burnout. The following article from HBR sums up the research well. One of the keys to success is to have clarity around our priorities and boundaries so we prevent ourselves from taking on too much. Coaching can help to achieve this clarity. To read more on this use the HBR link:




At Coach & Develop Ltd, we are qualified to use the latest Leadership profiling tools such as Hogan Lead. To find out more about the 11 career derailing personality dispositions and how to assess for these and manage them successfully in the workplace see Hogan’s website for more information or contact us at Coach & Develop to discuss how we can support you in developing your leaders: http://www.hoganassessments.co.uk/training/HDSVideoMenu1.aspx


What our clients say...

Patricia was extremely supportive during a sensitive time in my career and together we explored various next steps. All sessions were very worthwhile and I felt genuinely positive and re-vitalized after the final meeting. Her leadership coaching is second to none and an asset to any individual or company…a breath of positive realism in this current economic climate!
Director, Retail
Patricia worked with me to increase my confidence in my leadership skills and to give me the tools to use them in a complex and sensitive environment. I would highly recommend her coaching to anyone in a leadership role.
Infrastructure Manager, Global Finance
Even after just 2 coaching sessions I could really connect with Patricia and could see progress towards achieving my goals. She is very understanding which makes the coaching so effective.
Senior Executive, FMCG
Excellent training session, good balance of explanation vs practical application. Extremely good delivery, kept everyone engaged throughout.
Director, Government Dept